how to prepare for your photoshoot

Your Quick Guide for Maternity, Newborn, and Family Sessions

As your family photographer in Winchester, VA, I aim to make your photo sessions as seamless as possible. Here are quick tips for a smooth experience:

Maternity Sessions: Best around 29-36 weeks

Wear Comfortable: Choose light, comfortable attire before the session to avoid marks on your skin. Consider light dresses and sandals; less is more for undergarments.

Outfit Suggestions: Bring snug tank tops, jeans, yoga pants, or maxi dresses. Avoid oversized clothing to keep your beautiful shape in focus.

Newborn Sessions: Ideal within the first ten days

Pre-Session Feeding: A full feeding before leaving ensures they're sleepy.

Attire: Newborns are photographed in diapers, but feel free to bring any sentimental items.

Family Inclusion: Wear solid, neutral-colored clothing without logos or patterns. Have a spare t-shirt on hand, just in case.

All Family Sessions:

Clothing: Stick to simple, logo-free, and neutral patterns for a timeless look.

The Little Things: Well-rested and well-fed children are happier. Bring snacks, and remember, we’ve got toys and bubbles for easy coaxing.


Accidents happen, especially with little ones. Everything is washable, and we're prepared. If you have any questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to capturing your family’s special moments with simplicity and grace!

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